Bella, The Wonder Dog!

If you’ve been to La Belle Amie Vineyard, you’ve probably thrown the ball for Bella . . .

Bella is not just the vineyard’s mascot, she is one of our major attractions. She is a super friendly full-blooded border collie. Because of her color, some would say she was albino. We prefer to call her “pigmentatiously challenged.”

She loved for you to throw the tennis ball for her, but she’s getting on in age now and moves more slowly (don’t we all.)   She’s still great with kids and kids love her.   When you visit make sure you give her a “hello” pat on the head.

Meet Miss March!

Bella is also our little calendar girl. She graced the 2007 calendar of the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach.   All proceeds of calendar sales went to this worthwhile organization.

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