La Belle Amie Vineyard

Little River / North Myrtle Beach, SC

Home of Twisted Sisters Wines


May 3, 2020:  La Belle Amie Vineyard will remain closed until it is safe for our staff and customers to congregate.  Social interaction among the customers, musicians, staff and us is the very core of our daily operations.  Its what gives purpose and motivation for those who visit, and re-visit, La Belle Amie Vineyard.  Our vineyard gatherings have been deeply gratifying to many for years.  I miss and want that back…now.

But, covid infections and deaths are still occurring at an alarming rate, and the public health “protections” in place today are the same as existed on March 14, 2020, the last day we were open.  Worse, the covid contagion is more pervasive today than seven weeks ago.  During a time of increased risk of infection absent any public health protections how can we possibly re-open and not subject some or all of the hundreds who would socially gather here each day to this invisible killer?  The sober answer is “we can’t.”

We harbor hope that a vaccine/remedy will be developed so that society as we knew it can begin its resurgence.  That may take many months, and we hate that it may be that long before we see you again.   However, with an abundance of caution for all– staff, musicians, customers, friends and us– we choose to remain closed until effective and accessible public health protections exist for your welfare, and ours.

Please be cautious and stay safe.  We miss all of you very much and look forward to sharing a glass of wine together down the road.

Vicki, Owner
La Belle Amie Vineyard
1120 Saint Joseph Road  Little River, SC  29566