A Heads Up If You Decide to Visit La Belle Amie Vineyard

Answers to FAQ’s:

  1. We are only open to the public two days each week;   Wednesday &  Saturday from 10am – 5pm. 
  2. No, guests may never bring food, beverages, pets or weapons onto the vineyard property during their visit.  Food and beverages are available for purchase during your visit.
  3. Online Tickets (visit LaBelleAmie.com ) are available two ways:  Option 1 – Admission Only, and Option 2 – Wine Tasting & Admission.  Walk-up Admission tickets may be available, but they will be more expensive than booking tickets online.  
  4. Over age 80 are admitted into the vineyard at half price.  No ticket needed, just show up.  Ages 12 & under are admitted at no cost.
  5. Yes, the public may only visit the retail shop for purchases without an admission charge.    However, access to the vineyard grounds, porches & cabanas, music, food and/or beverage services of any kind requires an Admission ticket & wristband.
  6. We have ditched plastic cups for environmental reasons, so bring your own wine glasses or pay $1.25 each for one of ours.
  7. The majority of the festival grounds are shaded as are the cabanas and tented areas, and we supply dozens of fans to help keep guests cool during the summer heat.  But it is your responsibility to stay hydrated, and to consume alcohol responsibly, especially if you are driving and/or taking prescription medications.  
  8. Again, Absolutely No Weapons are allowed onto the vineyard grounds.
  9. The vineyard is a natural habitat with woods and ponds that is home to flora and fauna.  Always watch where you step and where you sit.  Not fond of ant bites?  Don’t sit in the ant bed.
  10. Children are always welcome, but their supervision and safety are solely  your responsibility.  Do not take your eyes off of them even for a second.
  11. Please do not turn electric switches, overhead fans, patio heaters, water spigots, etc.. on or off, nor ever move patio umbrellas or heaters.  If you need assistance with any of the above, simply ask.
  12. We accept cash/credit cards at all of our indoor/outdoor service locations.
  13. Still have a question?  Just email us at info@LaBelleAmie.com