(Please Note: wine tastings are available from 10am – 5 pm  Wed. & Sat. by reservation)    



La Belle Amie Vineyard operates a tasting room in the main building of the vineyard. Guests over 21 may sample our wines prior to purchasing them. We have a variety of whites, reds, and rosés to tempt your palate. We’ll go through the five basic steps of sampling wine, and how to recognize wine varietals by their aroma and taste.

Our philosophy regarding wine is quite simple–wine should be enjoyed. And anything goes! If you enjoy your red wines chilled and your white wines at room temperature then that is how you should consume them. We are well aware that each person’s palate is as unique as the tongue & nose tasting the wine. And the “best wine in the world” to one person may not at all be preferred or even liked by the next. We respect you as the best judge of what is or is not a “good” tasting wine to you, as well as how you should enjoy it. This is why we offer a wide range of wine varietals and styles—from very dry to very sweet.  Cheers!

South Carolina wine beverage law prohibits dispensing wine for free (Title 61, Chapter 61, section 160 of the South Carolina Code of Laws). To comply with the state’s wine beverage regulations we have adopted the following wine tasting policy:

–We charge $7/person (plus tax) to sample any 6 wines of your choice.  
–Wine tastings are offered from 10am-5pm on days we are open.   Reserve your wine tasting online  to sample a taste of La Belle Amie Vineyard. Cheers!!
–NOTE: All wine tastings reservations include our admission charge. 

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