Frequent Customer Program

La Belle Amie Vineyard’s
Frequent Customer Program (Feb-Nov)

1. Each discount admission period comprises 10 consecutive weeks (about 2 1/2 months), and includes 10 Saturdays and 10 Wednesdays.   You choose when the 10 week program starts.  It automatically ends 10 weeks later.  During the 10 weeks your admission to all events is guaranteed and not subject to the ticket capacity limits.
2. Initial cost per program customer for each 10 week period is $40 + tax.   
3. Ticket Admission for each event is $1 + 50 cent booking fee.  You must book your ticket for each event online to receive the $1 admission rate.  You will not be charged the $1 admission for any event you choose not to book (i.e. don’t book the event if you know you will not attend the event.)  
4. Admission savings for each 10 weeks is up to $70 off the regular price of $130 for all of the events.
5. This program runs from February thru November of each year.
6. To join the program, call or visit the retail shop on Wednesdays or Saturdays (843-399-9463) 

Questions? Email me at
Cheers!  Vicki, Owner.

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